Port Meadow

Today has been one of my favorites so far…even though I’ve only been here a little over a week.  A large group of us walked the 10 minutes or so to Port Meadow, an area of 300 acres of land in Oxford near the river.  As soon as we stepped on the land, I was swept away by it’s beauty.  The sky was open and clear, and the grass was bright green.  The rolling fields against the blue, sky-reflecting water was startling.  I’ve always loved fields, and being there made me just want to read a book in the grass or run across it barefoot.  Cheesy, I know.  But nature just does something like that to you.  I wish I could show you all I saw there.  Even though I took some pictures that portray Port Meadow’s beauty, they don’t capture the full experience of the land.  It was very cold outside, but we had a blast exploring, taking pictures, and soaking in the gorgeous nature around us.  It was truly one of the most dazzling places I’ve ever been!

A beautiful town we passed. Lewis Carroll's inspiration for the Mad Hatter came from here.
Horses were everywhere!
ACU Wildcats!
Straight out of Pride and Prejudice...
The cows were just roaming around loose! We were so close to them!
We had fun!

After walking for over half an hour (taking our sweet time), we reached a little village that looked like it was from a storybook.  We passed by an ancient abbey and then journeyed to a local pub for desserts.  The pub was cozy and quaint but also sophisticated, and we all had a wonderful time eating delicious food and warming up indoors.

The pub we ate in...it had wonderful brownies and ice cream!
The sunset on the walk back was breathtaking.

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