Hogwar– I mean, Christ Church

Christ Church is one of the most well-known attractions in Oxford.  It’s a beautiful, old church that is part of the college here, and it attracts a flood of visitors each day.  There is so much history in this place.  Massive paintings cover the walls, including portraits of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth.  The cathedral is incredible and continues to host events.

The Meadow. It was so stunning.
The cathedral

Besides being drawn to the church’s beauty, many people go to see the places where filmmakers were inspired to create scenes in Harry Potter.  Familiar HP touches are all over the place, and it was a really fun experience to see these things that we had only ever seen on the TV screen.

I couldn't capture it quite right, but this area looked a lot like the place where Harry talks to the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw in the seventh book (eighth movie)
Inspiration for the Grand Staircase!
The Great Hall...awfully similar to HP's dining hall

In addition to the Harry movies, Christ Church also served as inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories.  It was in the church that Carroll met the real Alice and her two sisters, the daughters of the university dean, and began telling them stories…the stories that eventually turned into the tales we have fallen in love with.

Looks a little Alice-ish to me...

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