This Moment

December 7, 2011

A little girl walks down a flight of stairs.
She yawns and stumbles as she
squints at the morning light,
wiping the sleep from

her eyes

wander through the kitchen, into the master.
It’s another day.
She’ll go to class and then ballet,
maybe leaving time to play with

her sister

walks down behind her,
a little more sleepy, a little
more grumpy.
She’s not quite awake

this morning

is just like any other.
The TV’s on, her mother’s
in the room on the phone.
She curls up at the foot of

the bed

bounces as her sister joins her.
She glances over
then looks at the TV glowing.
Two blue buildings

are there

any people you know on board?”
She hears her mom say in a
different tone over the phone
She looks back at the TV and sees

smoke curls

up, and flames flare
from one of the buildings.
“A plane flew into the tower,”
her mom says.  “It came

out of nowhere

she sees a plane fly
through the sky on the screen and
crash into the other building.
Her mom breathes, “That was

the second one

falls as the first did,
and the little girl watches
in awe and confusion and early
morning haze.  She looks at

her mom

says, “this’ll change your life.
It’ll cause you strife and
pain and debt and heartache.
You will always


this moment.


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