Pinterest is so inspiring

I was never really that interested in decorating

…until Pinterest came along.

Now I’m an addict, and my life is changed.  I’ve always loved antique styles and putting cute things together, but I never had the opportunity (or guts) to try anything out until this year.  When my roommates and I moved into our home, The Fieldhouse–lovingly named because of its proximity to our school’s intramural fields–we had a blast decorating.  It’s as if all our creativity had been bottled up for two years while we were living in dorms, just waiting to explode when it finally had an outlet.  I loved trying to think up ideas for my room (and steal some from Pinterest), as well finding things for cheap prices at antique stores.  I had so much fun with the whole process, and this is the result!

Love love love that natural light.
An old step-stool for a nightstand and a homemade lamp.
Book page wall and branch curtain rod…definitely picked this up while I was at the park one day.
One antique store in San Angelo created this whole wall for me…plus a few mason jars, some pretty Oxford souvenirs, and sepia pictures with burned edges.
Gotta throw in some book beauty.
More books! All stacked on free pallets from Walmart.
My dad’s college desk spruced up a little. Plus a metal pail trashcan.

My library headboard.
The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Last but not least, my Sigma Theta Chi shrine. Included are tiles from Spain and a music box from Austria!

Tell me what you think!

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