The Future

Fall 2011

I once read
that one’s greatest regret
is belief in the Future.

It’s promising.
It teases you, smiles at you,
and lures you into trust.

It says,
“This will go on,”
tickles your cheek.

You fall for its charm
and lose

belief in the Future
is too brave.

You give it your hand,
and it takes
your reality.

It peels away
your expectations,
and laughs.

The Future is confident,
hopeful, prideful,
and selfish.

It says, “You see,
you aren’t guaranteed.
You aren’t promised anything.”

It takes
what you hold dear
and runs far away.

So you chase it.
Run faster, love harder.

Do not believe it,
Do not fail.
Do not fall.

Learn to expose
the Future
for its lies,

And be happy.


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