God is a God

I wonder if we don’t fully appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice in coming down to Earth because we don’t understand the extent of glory He chose to abandon.

The Bible says when we get to heaven, He will reward us with crowns, and we will instantaneously give them back to Him because we just can’t help but worship.  We won’t have the desire to stop praising Him.  We will watch angels who literally never stop singing about Him.  Mark Hitchcock says,

“In heaven we will have a perfected spirit with an ability to see
things clearly from the divine perspective…
For the first time in our lives we will fully see sin in the light of His holiness and will understand the extent of what it means…

We will realize that we do not deserve to be in His presence, either. We will understand both His undiminished justice and His undeserved mercy. And in recognizing them we will spend eternity thanking Him for our salvation.”

I don’t know about you, but I physically can’t imagine saying “thank you” for eternity.  But I know I will and that I’ll want to.  When we get to heaven, we’ll finally be able to grasp His glory—a glory He left behind to walk around in an ugly, sin-bent, abused human body.  It’s mind-boggling to me that Jesus didn’t raise His voice at people, saying, “You think I’m just nice?  I’m just loving? And compassionate?  I am GOD!  I walk around on gold and sit on a throne bigger than this city and watch millions of angels worship me 24/7.  I remember back when all was darkness, and you were just a speck in nothingness—a thought in my mind.”

By forgetting what He gave up and to where He ascended, we lose our healthy and appropriate fear of God.  Yes, He’s our friend.  Yes, He’s compassionate, loving, and easy to talk to.  But we too often simplify Him to this good, relatable God and forget that He is GOD.  Every powerful attribute we associate with “gods” like Zeus, Hercules, Superman, you name it—our one, true God has.  By naming Him “God,” I think we sometimes forget He is an actual God…one that’s even greater than the imaginary characters we conjure up.

And He crammed all of His godliness into a little frail body because He wanted to be near us, and near us forever.  Now that’s love.


3 thoughts on “God is a God

  1. what a day that will be when my Jesus I shall see… I can only imagine what that’s gonna be like. Makes you appreciate more his sacrifice for us.
    thanks for a great post!

  2. The unfathomable mystery of the gospel, yes! How God came down and WALKED among us (John 1:14). I too hit on a great thought about worship and just shared it on my blog yesterday.

  3. Thanks for sharing the word. Just yesterday I was thinking about what that glorious crown would look like, rising from a conversation with my son. Oh that we would press into His loving arms to see and be at His feet to worship. HIS PRESENCE! What a wonderful place to be!

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