September 18, 2008

Light blue is peaceful.
Translucent.  Serene.  Steady.
Thin and calming—the sky.
Though fading away, it makes other things shine:
Eyes.  Teeth.  Trees.  Animation.
Simple.  Pure.  Perfect.

Bright blue is fun.
Bouncing.  Swimming.  Happy.
Tacky and durable—plastic.
It is little boys playing in the sun forever:
Laughter.  Freedom.  Worriless.  Blissfulness.
Joyful.  Childlike.  Endless.

Navy blue is solemn.
Plain.  Deep.  Hollow.
Blending and timeworn—jeans.
It is the depth of a winter’s night:
Coldness.  Space.  Blindness.  Captivity.
Vast.  Impenetrable.  Alone.


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