The Bible compares us to orphans, saying we’ve been adopted by God.  And I don’t usually stop to think about what that means.  I generally imagine myself as a poor, lonely child Jesus has lovingly chosen to take care of.  Sounds good, right?

The definition of an orphan is “a child whose parents are dead.”  But look at our Parent—He’s alive.  While earthly orphans are separated from their parents by their parents’ death, we are separated from our Parent by our death.  And a chosen one at that.

We made ourselves orphans.  Because our Parent couldn’t die, we killed ourselves.  Does that sound like a child deserving of adoption?  We sentenced ourselves to an eternity of orphanhood, only reversible if somehow we could live again.  And in order to bring our helpless beings to life, our Parent chose to join us in death.  I imagine those three days where both Parent and orphans were dead as the darkest Earth or Heaven has ever seen.  No adoption.  No life.  Two voluntary deaths.

But on the third day, our Parent rose to life and said He still wanted to adopt us.  Only by a Parent’s death could we become true orphans, able to receive true adoption from a living Father.  Knowing how badly we wanted to be away from Him, though, He gave us the choice to be His children or not.

I’ve made my choice, and let me tell you…
Adopted life is good.


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