A new song, now old

My song is now complete.

To understand what I mean by this, you must know this is a follow-up post to something I wrote two months ago called, “A new song.”  I said this summer would be a new lifesong to the Lord—a fresh offering of praise to Him.  I had no idea what my time in Colorado Springs would hold, and I was a little nervous of how it would all come together.

Well, now my song has been sung.  It’s been a song of the Lord’s beauty, sovereignty, provision, and most of all His faithfulness.

My mind has been stretched and molded by the many wise people I’ve encountered over the last two months.  God graciously brought me a group of friends from all over the United States, all of us in the Springs just for the summer.  I became friends with people from South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona, as well as Colorado.  And these different backgrounds brought us all new viewpoints on life.IMG_3744

I was the “southern” one, sometimes the “country” one. Which is hilarious if you know me.  But you really don’t realize regional differences in the U.S. until you’re around people from other states for a long period of time.  It was so fun to learn from those who were raised in different environments—people who drive in thick snow on a regular basis (whereas we Texans shut everything down like it’s the apocalypse), people who aren’t accustomed to the Jesus-flavored air we breathe here in the Bible belt, people who’ve never heard of two-stepping, people who’ve never had a corndog (don’t worry, I corrected that one REAL fast…shout-out, Steph).  It was just such a blessing to be around people who showed me the Lord in new ways, and it was great to experience that growth in the beautiful state of Colorado.

And boy, was it beautiful.  I gained a whole new appreciation for the truth that “He can move the mountains.”  Whenever I sang about God’s ability to move mountains this summer, I would picture the ones right outside my window, and it brought me to a new level of humility.  Y’all, mountains are huge.  We forget that out here on the plains, but in Colorado Springs, they dominate the western skyline.  And the thought that God can move those things is absolutely incredible.

But more than just the nature around me, God revealed Himself through people and circumstances.  The first time I visited my wonderful church, New Life, God brought me three friends that I grew closer to throughout the summer.  He provided right away and then continued to provide even more.

In “A new song,” I wrote about how He spoke to me through “Revelation Song” that first night at church.  Well, He did the same on my last night.  We sang “Came to My Rescue” by Hillsong this past Friday night, with lyrics that say,

I called, You answered
And You came to my rescue
And I wanna be where You are.

Just as “Revelation Song” summed-up my feelings of anticipation for the upcoming summer, “Came to My Rescue” enveloped my every feeling of thankfulness for the summer already passed.  Back in June, I called out to the Lord for so many things (friends, a church family, a great internship experience…just to name a few), and He graciously gave them to me.  He came to my rescue.  And now with the summer over, I want to be where He is more than ever.

I’ve been telling people this past summer will be a kind of memorial stone for me in the future.  In the Old Testament, people would mark the places where God did something big as a way to never forget His faithfulness.  And continually throughout the Bible we see the Lord saying “Remember.”  He calls His followers to remember the acts He performed for their ancestors—to never forget how He led the people out of Egypt, how He made promises to Abraham, how He died for us, etc.  And He doesn’t do these things just for kicks. He wants us to remember what He’s done in the past so we won’t lose faith in the present.  And I know He will use this summer in that way for me as well.  In the coming months and years when I begin to worry and my trust begins to falter, He will gently tell me, “Remember what I did for you in Colorado.  Remember how I brought you friends right away.  Remember how I led you to a church where you were challenged and experienced growth. Remember how I kept you safe.  Why are you doubting Me now?”IMG_3739

In wonderful moments, I often find myself just watching and soaking it in, wanting to store up as much in my memory as possible for the future.  I always think of the verse in Luke that says Mary “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (NIV).  It’s a random verse, dropped right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Jesus’ birth, but I think it’s so important.  With everything happening so rapidly, Mary could’ve easily gotten swept-up in the craziness.  But she took a moment to keep “all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself” (MSG).  I believe she was memorizing God’s glory so she could recall it in the future, at a time she would desperately need it.  And I often think God called Mary to remember all she had treasured in her heart as she watched her Son die on the cross.

I want to be just as ready.  I want to store deep in my heart all that God has shown me of His glory this summer, so I may not lose faith during future trials.  Now that my Colorado song is complete, I want to keep on humming it to myself so I can sing it when I need the melody to wash over me—a melody of God’s presence and provision and peace.  A melody that is nothing short of splendid.

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