Hearing God’s voice

Check out this Oswald Chambers quote:

“The Bible is the universe of God’s revealed will…surging with unfathomable mysteries, come down to the shores of our common life, not in emotions and fires, nor in aspirations and vows, agonies and visions, but in a way so simple that wayfaring men, though fools, cannot make a mistake, that is, in words.”

Now this may come as a shock, but I love words.  I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never feel full.  To me words are beauty and life and a way to put meaning into everything.  But sometimes I wrestle with wanting to hear God in a different way.  I want Him to speak directly through my emotions, my sight, my dreams, and the other ways He regularly speaks to people around me.  Ways without words.

4255321476_93d737a959But God revealed something to me today.  He told me, “Rebecca, you’re a words person.  Not because you chose to love them, but because I made you that way.  And I had a reason for doing so…it’s not just so you can enjoy reading books.  It’s so you can hear Me.  Yes, there will be times when I’ll speak to you through your mind and spirit and emotions, but I’ve planted a natural receptor of My voice in you—one that more easily hears me through my written words and those spoken through others.  So listen to me.”

God’s given you your own personal receptor for His voice.  That doesn’t mean He’ll use it every single time He speaks (we can’t grow so narrow-minded to think He can’t and won’t communicate in a variety of ways), but He’ll likely use your receptor most of the time because He wants to.  The Bible says we’re fearfully and wonderfully made—we’re unique.  He gets glory when you use what He’s given you, especially when it’s in the act of growing closer to His heart.

Your receptor might be words too.  Or maybe you’re a feeler, and God tends to speak through heart-tugs and emotions.  Maybe you’re a visual person, and you hear God’s direction by being observant and looking around you.  Maybe you’re a mover and sense the voice of God when you’re in motion serving Him.  Maybe you’re a musician who learns the heart of God through notes strummed on a guitar or played on a piano.  Or maybe you’re a dreamer who hears from Him when you close your eyes.  The list is limitless.  Just don’t limit yourself to being an “emotional” person or an “artist” or “worker.”  Your personality and interests shouldn’t simply be labels, they should be how you listen to your Creator.  God gave you passions for a higher purpose than simply giving glory to Him—He gifted you with a special medium to hear from Him as well.

As different parts of Christ’s body with various gifts and callings, it’s natural that we’d have different receptors for hearing God’s voice.  Don’t long for someone else’s receptor.  How boring would it be if God spoke in the same way to everyone?  I like to imagine all of us with different little antennas bouncing as we walk around, all in different colors and styles and directions. There’s beauty in that diversity, in the ways we pick-up on what the Lord is communicating.  And though the image of us with antennas might look like a bunch of weird aliens to us, to God it looks like a people devoted to hearing His voice, exactly as He desires to be heard.


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