Why handwritten notes are the best

This is why.

Writing by hand takes time and effort and purposeful thought.  As opposed to a conversation quickly forgotten, a note lasts forever.  And different from a text message that can be forwarded or mass-produced, a handwritten note is for one audience only.  It’s personal, delivered into one set of hands from yours.

Because you can re-read a text you send, the message becomes something you share with the receiver.  It belongs to both of you, and it’s impersonal in that way.  But a note belongs only to the receiver.  After a time, you (the writer) forget what you wrote, but the receiver never forgets what he or she reads and what he can continue to re-read at any time.  Your words belong to him only, a precious gift, a secret between the past you and present him.

A handwritten note is like a time capsule.  It’s a treasure chest that only one can open. It’s beautiful, it’s rare, and I hope it never dies.


Tell me what you think!

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