Different pants

“My parents wear different pants,” said my roommate, Kayli.

She was talking about who “wears the pants” in her home—who’s “in charge.” Sometime during our sophomore year, we were having this discussion, and she said simply, “My parents wear different pants.”

At the time, we thought her comment was hilarious, and I wrote it down in a “friends’ quotes” note on my phone where it has remained unseen ever since. However, I came across it recently and really thought about what it meant. And just how true I think it is.

Interjection—You might think I’m heading in a feminist direction.  Let me assure you, I am FAR from a feminist.  Far.  Basically, I just believe the Bible calls men to lead their households, and households include wives.  I believe marriage is an earthly symbol of heavenly marriage where Christ is the groom, and we the church are the bride.  Just as He leads us, husbands should also lead their wives.

4164759025_da547a9341However.  I strongly believe women have purpose and a specific, irreplaceable role in their families.  I believe women should wear pants (…literally and figuratively).

It comes down to the fact that there are things women can do that men can’t do, just as the opposite is true as well.  God placed certain aspects of His nature in men and different aspects in women, and together, we begin to see a faint picture of the full nature of God.

For the most part, men get to wear pants that say “provider,” while women wear ones that say “nurturer.”  Men wear the word “protector,” while women wear “comforter.”  Men wear “strength” and women wear “beauty.”  The list goes on, and they balance each other out.  When you combine them, you see God is our Provider, Nurturer, Protector, and Comforter.  He is Strong, and He is Beautiful.  We are made in our Father’s image, and we couldn’t have one set of His attributes on this earth without the other.  And God designed relationships to have the same balance.

You could never say one part of God is better than another.  His power isn’t better than His grace.  His gentleness isn’t better than His authority.  Men aren’t better than women, and women aren’t better than men.  Though He designated one to be “the head,” that means the other makes up the body—I’d say they’re both pretty significant.

When it comes down to it, men and women wear different pants.  No one really “wears the pants” in a relationship because both people are given authority in different areas of life.  Neither is a specialist in all areas.  We were made intentionally and lovingly, and we should rejoice in the roles we’ve been given.  So wear your “pants” with a sense of comfort in knowing they belong just to you.  Whether you’re married or dating or single, be assured that you have a specific role on this earth as a man or woman and also as a unique individual.  Wear your pants proudly.


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