rrrwith other people
rrrare not built
rrrthrough the songs you both like
rrror the amount of time
rrryou are together
rrror similar childhoods
rrryou had.

they’re built
rrrthrough the times
rrryou walk quickly together
rrrwhen it’s cold outside
rrrand the hairs you pick
rrroff each other’s shirts
rrrand the silent car rides
rrrwhen both of you
rrrare daydreaming.

they’re built
rrrthrough piles and piles
rrrof ab-strengthening laughter
rrrand lounging on couches
rrrin all sorts of weird positions
rrrand not caring how you look
rrrwhen it’s time to go to bed.

they’re built
rrrthrough bad meals you eat together
rrrand breakfasts-for-dinner
rrrand each person loving
rrrhis or her own thing.

they’re not built
rrrthrough shared interests
rrrand commonalities
but through shared
through the little
rrrof day-to-day living
rrrthat only a few
rrrare ever
rrrlucky enough
rrrto see.


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