Where you invest your life

And where you invest your love,
you invest your life.

I love these lyrics from “Awake My Soul” by Mumford & Sons (listen here).  First off, I love lines in songs that start with “and.”  Secondly, Mumford is brilliant.  But mainly, I love the meaning of these words, that what you care about most will consume you and become what you live for.  It’s a beautiful idea, and I think it’s often very true.

But a while ago, I listened to this song and wondered if Mumford, though incredibly insightful, may not be right on point here.  I think a more accurate phrasing might be the exact reversal.  Maybe the lyrics should say

And where you invest your life,
you invest your love.

What we choose to spend our time on shows where our loyalties lie.  And as we fill our lives with something, we tend to care more and more about it—sometimes more than we should.  The man who works overtime at his job every night and stays glued to his Blackberry on weekends might start out loving his family, but over time his love might shift to his career instead.  The girl who shops for hours upon hours a day will grow less concerned with real things in life and slowly fall in love with her image and things and the concept of more.  And the list is unending.

Where we invest our life, there our love will follow.  We can choose to invest in the things we want to love or in the things the world wants us to love.  It’s our choice, and I hope we choose wisely.

Tell me what you think!

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