Burning bushes

When Moses saw a bush up in flames—burning without burning up—he was in awe. It was just a piece of shrubbery, a plain, otherwise unnoticeable bunch of twigs. But it was lit with fire that did not destroy it, that did not turn its branches black or shrivel its leaves. That must have been something. It scared him but it drew him. He took off his shoes because it was holy ground.

We’re so like burning bushes—plain as all get out, not worth looking at. Breakable. Sometimes sad. Trying to be tall and sturdy like trees but usually feeling feeble and small.

But when the Holy Spirit rushes to fill our lives, how bright we become! So consumed with His awesome presence yet wonderfully not destroyed. Our feebleness infused with His holy flame, sending out light to the world that others may see it and say, “He is nothing, but what is happening to him is something holy.”

We are burning bushes, always in His presence because His presence is in us. And we’re raising our limbs as high as we can to let people see the glow. And we’re declaring that where He moves, we follow, and wherever He goes, that place is holy ground.


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