Watch the Olympics

I’m convinced we need the Olympics this year.

We’ve probably needed them for decades, but this is just the first time I’m really noticing. Because this is the first year the Olympics have come around when I’m paying for my own car repairs and prescriptions and phone bills—the first time since I’ve become an adult and have a front row seat to see the world crumble. And when it crumbles, it seems to spill over onto my workplace and friends and family. The world is a scary place, y’all—but only part of it.

The other part is really really beautiful—so beautiful that it doesn’t force itself into the spotlight. But when the world seems especially evil, goodness tends to inch forward. The sky looks extra blue, and the trees look extra green. Music brings tears to your eyes, and a winning shot makes you hug your neighbor.

I’m convinced that art and sport bond us like nothing else can. Other bonding activities, like eating around a table or having deep conversation in a living room for instance, are good things. But art and sport touch our hearts on a different level and in a way that plants moments in our memories for years.

Art tells stories. Whether it’s words that phrase your thoughts in a comprehensible way—a way that makes you say YES, THAT. Or music that gives you chills all over. Or a dance that touches your soul… Art drills into our emotions.

Sport, on the other hand, touches our primal nature—our need for strength, for survival, for competition. Teamwork pulls at our heartstrings.

And rooting for something as quick as a gymnast landing a flip or a swimmer tagging the side of the wall…those things move us. In giving us a common hero to cheer on, sports allow us to lay aside our differences and finally be on the same team.

The Olympics brings us together.

Because not only are we all—black, white, homeless, famous, cops, crooks, young, old—rooting for America. But the entire world is stepping out of its routine and saying I’m tired. Let’s take a moment to have fun.

It’s pretty amazing when you really think about it. Nations from every continent all over the world meet in one spot every two years to play games. We do it because we know it’s cathartic and inspiring and healing. We do it because as much as every nation must maintain security and fix society and enforce law, we all need to rest.

So watch the Olympics this year. And let it remind you that we’re all human. We’re all people who love the thrill of the unknown champion, the rush of adrenaline, the feeling of sitting on edge wishing an athlete to victory. We’re all the same. And though the world convinces us to pull apart, right now we can come together to sit in front of televisions with friends and family, knowing millions of others are doing the same.

If you’re still not convinced , watch this…


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