His name

The waves and wind still know His name.
-Bethel, “It is Well”

He pulls back His arm, and the winds cease.
He hums, and the temperature slowly rises to Him.
He taps His fingers, and small, steady droplets fall from the sky. One by one. Like playing a piano.
He smiles, and the sun says His name. It follows its call and hangs overhead.
He taps His foot, and the rocks cry out, “Yes, Master.” They tumble down cliffs, settle where they should.
He breathes, and frost settles over plains. It prickles and refuses to melt until commanded.
He laughs, and flowers bloom for Him.
He claps His hands, and waves crash upon shorelines. They cry out His name in adoration.
He sings, and the birds fly in perfect formation. They mimic His tune.

He moves, and we move. Our planet, our animals, our nature. He moves, and Earth cries out His name. Soulless creations know Him—inanimate objects, immovable structures. Rocks, waves, wind.

He pulls back His arm, and our sick bodies heal.
He hums, and our blood rushes through veins—obeying Him.
He taps His fingers, and our minds race. Keeping us awake, keeping us sound, driving us mad.
He smiles, and our muscles know His name. They pull and stretch as they cry out to Him.
He taps His foot, and our heart beats in perfect rhythm, speaking to Him.
He breathes, and our arms raise to touch heaven.
He laughs, and our hearts feel love that comes and goes and aches and grows.
He claps His hands, and we crumble in guilt.
He sings, and our souls lurch and soar.

He moves, and we move. Our bodies, our minds, our hearts. He moves, and we cry out His name. The subconscious knows Him—tangible organs, intangible emotions. Brain,  blood, thought.

Every created thing knows His name. Loves His name. Declares His name.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”
– Psalm 19:1
“My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD;
my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.”
– Psalm 84:2

There is not one thing beyond His control, beyond His sovereignty. Our beating hearts obey Him as the thunder does. Our emotions obey Him as the snow falls at His command. In his power, we live. In His name, we rest.


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