I’m a words person, not great with numbers.

Numbers are rigid and logical. But words are fluid and subjective and creative—they’re beautiful.

And it’s easy to love words because I know God loves them. His Son is the Word, He gave us the Word, He created our world with words.

But He also created our world with numbers. I can’t deny that He loves them too, that they mean something to Him. 7 days of creation. 1 God. 3 persons.

5 loaves. 2 fish. 10 plagues. 12 disciples. 40 nights of rain. 3 days in the grave…

These numbers are not random. Why, even the hairs on your head are all numbered (Luke 12:7). He cares—about the beautiful and the logical. And the logically beautiful. He thought it all out. He planned and decided.

And that means that a second does not go by without His notice. A man’s days are numbered (Job 14:5), unto death and unto life. He knows when we will die, but He also knows the purpose of each minute we live.

That means you are not sick one day too long. You were not laid off one day too early. He chose how many years you will be single and how many hours your flights will be delayed. He knows how many kids you need to raise and how many bills you must pay. He knows how many inches of water will flood your basement and how many rounds of chemo it will take. Before you were born, He planned how many days you’d have to be patient and days you’d have to be calm and days you’d have to cry out to Him in desperation. He chose them, and He said they were good.

He cares about the words, but He also cares about the numbers. Those numbers that grate on us and wear us down. The numbers that we fixate on and look at under a magnifying glass and complain about. But He’s counted them out, and He can count higher than I can. I’m glad for that. He’s picked our numbers like petals, and He spreads them in front of Him, admiring them like paintings in a frame. He sees their worth because He’s made numbers logically beautiful—beautiful for our enjoyment and logic for our stretching and all for His glory.


Tell me what you think!

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