The world is a loud place.

Yeah the volume is high, but it’s more than that. It’s like when people describe a color as “loud,” they don’t mean your shirt is yelling. They mean it has it’s own kind of noise—that it’s distracting and disruptive. That’s how the world is too.

There are too many things trying to get our attention, trying to devour our time, trying to own our mind, trying to win our affections. And sometimes I just get Michael Rosenberg (Passenger) when he says:

You see, all I need’s a whisper in a world that only shouts.

So here’s your whisper. Lost in your Facebook feed filled up with political rants and sports opinions and the best recipes and cute videos and sad videos and loud hate and loud laughter, here’s a quiet little collection of words. I hope they’re peaceful. I hope they’re soft. I’ve always thought of words like music notes—they can be strung together in different ways. And like music, they can sound fast, alarming, scary, rushed, flat, mismatched. But when you catch the flow of the right words at the right pace at the right time, it’s like a song. You can close your eyes and feel them. You can soak them into your skin.

You need the right sentence breaks and syllables, starts and stops. But when you find them, I swear it’s like medicine.

Words created us. They can heal us too.

I hope this is a little song in the midst of the madness. I hope it lulls, calms, reminds you that there is more—tilts your chin up out of that hole we’re all staring into and points you to something better.

Remember that there’s more going on than the feed, than the job, than the family chaos, than the worry and wait.

Make time for the whispers—they’re pretty hard to find. They shy away from the spotlight and get trampled by the noise. But I know you can hear them, if you listen close. You can hear them in those small moments in between the highs and lows of our days—driving in silence, eating a really good meal, holding a hand, talking deep and wide with people you love…

Those are the whispers.

This is a whisper:

Remember who you are and what you’re doing here, Who made you and what really matters. In a world that only shouts, this is a soft sentence, a gentle nudge. See the quiet things as loud and the loud things for what they are.

Whispers don’t know how to yell. So you’ll have to listen close.


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